Prufrock, Revisited

When you open your eyes you’re dead 

Prufrock is there

The only Virgil you’ve ever known

He extends his hand

Welcomes you to the afterlife

strangely identical to the room where you fell asleep 

Offers you passage and a peach 

Do you dare disturb the universe?

No, the ever answer 

No more. 

The time promised has passed

The hope of youth, a fire quenched 

Turned into dingy yellow smoke 

Alchemy of the lost. 

In the room the women come and 

Glue your eyes open

Nail your ankles to the bed

You will never escape, not really

Not like you imagined once 

when your arms were bare and unpinned

free to walk upon the beach

Before you gave away your voice 

to the mermaids, now singing 

each to each. 

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